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C3/A3 Project: The Connected Future of Online Communities, AI & Automation

C3/A3 Project: The Connected Future of Online Communities, AI & Automation

Project by Bill Johnston United States

Our hypothesis is that a combination of social technologies with human augmentation technologies will usher in a new age of digital community experiences. These new experiences will present unprecedented opportunities and challenges for organizations and individuals, and complex policy issues for society. The C3/A3 project will explore the technological, business and societal implications of this next wave of change and offer a helpful path forward.

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10 tips for collaborative data journalism projects by Mar Cabra

Mar Cabra, award-winning data journalist, former head of the Data & Research Unit at ICIJ, and Global Editors Network Board member, has kindly shared ten top tips for collaborative data journalism projects, to introduce the Data Journalism Den. These include the importance of building a network, advice on how to be a better manager, and why collaborative projects are like dinner parties.


How to apply to (and win) a data journalism award

You’ve worked hard all this time to put together data-driven projects, and although clicks are very rewarding, here is another one you may like: getting one of your pieces shortlisted for the annual Data Journalism Awards. In this article, we give you all the details about this competition, plus, we asked our jury members what they look for in potential winners.


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